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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick update

I can only do a quick update now, because i'm supposed to go to bed early but i've yet to iron my clothes for tomorrow.

Oh, before that, i hope everyone has had a great Valentine's Day, with or without a lover. (For LF, i hope it was a great birthday for her.)

Don't ask me how mine went - it was just another usual day at work.

Anyway, it's a public holiday here today and since the agenda today did not involve IT, we could proceed with the day off. This means that i did not have to go to office today, but i did work in the hotel nonetheless, as i was still rushing for the presentation slides.

The company had arranged for a transport at 7.45am everyday to fetch all the workshop participants from the hotel to the office. Normally i would leave the hotel at around 9am whenever i am here, but this time i gotta go with everybody. So i guess i really gotta be up early for this week.

The heavy work for the workshop starts tomorrow for us. It's gonna be another tiring week.


huh, you mean there's supposed to be workshop today, i mean yesterday, but just because it didn't involve your agenda so you didn't need to turn up? but it's a "PUBLIC" holiday, and it's for the whole malaysia, not only kl..... gee, sounds like your company drives its employees nuts.

all for the best for tomorrow day, workaholic gal :)

so you gotto wake up at 6am lor? wah, so early ... like me. hahaha..

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