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Friday, March 04, 2011

Stressful week

My oh my, it has been a crazy week so far. There's just one more day to go before weekend, and you have no idea how glad i am for that.

I worked till 5.30am this morning, went to bed at almost 6am, then woke up at around 10.30am and continued working from 'home' until about an hour ago. Have been having mild headache since morning, which means that the extended sleep deprivation has finally taken a toll on me.

Perhaps what's good came out of this is that i'm finally learning the true meaning of teamwork. All along, i've always been the super nice boss who would take on the excessive workload just so that my subordinates can have a work-life balanced lifestyles. In fact, one of them actually commented to me that they are rather free sometimes, which made me to wonder why am i the one who was so busy all the time.

This year, i decided to change the way i manage my team, and i have actually put it in practice for these few weeks. I simply can't cope with all the things on my own anymore without failing the deadlines. I am off loading the work to the team members even if it means that they have to work extended hours or even over weekends, just like i do. Doing this also means that i gotta be mentally prepared that the team members would eventually start grumbling or saying something like, "she wasn't like that before; she used to be a very nice boss".

Seriously, we can't please everyone in this world. While i have been keeping my team members happy, i am making my boss unhappy at the delays. I've also realised that no matter how good you treat your staff, they will always have things to complain about you, simply because you are the boss. Of course, i will never be nasty to them, but it is really time for them to have the fair share of the workload and be less reliant on me. After all, they are actually quite handsomely paid. In fact, in dollar-to-dollar value, they are actually paid more than me!

Ok, enough of these rants already. Basically, i think all the hard work i put in this week has somewhat paid off in the way that i am quite happy with the output. It has not ended yet, for it will still be a hectic day tomorrow. But i keep telling myself - just one more day, one more day, and then i'll be having fun at Bali.

Uh huh, i'm going to Bali for the whole of next week. This is the first time i'm going to Indonesia. I will be attending two regional conferences there, one of which is organised by our department and i am one of the presenters. That is why all of us are so busy this week, in preparation for the conferences while still doing our daily work and projects.

The first conference is on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the second one is on Thursday and Friday. I will be flying off on Monday and arrive there in the afternoon. A few of my team members are going too, so we will have half a day there to relax a bit. I am also extending my stay there for the weekend and will only be coming back on Sunday. A few colleagues are doing the same too. I think we all deserve a short break there.


wah, nice trip again. happy holiday! oops, all the best in work :)

yup, it's time to change management style that also put you in favor. when everyone got the share of contribution, wouldn't it'll be happier and meaningful, plus more efficient and effective too. cheers, and keep it up gal :)

bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Have fun! ym

Haha! Not necessary all staffs will complain when you load them with extra jobs.
I'd encountered few staffs/ juniors who told me that they actually learn more things, grow-up faster, more independent during my absence or when I gave them new tasks. See? As a boss, sometimes you shouldn't deprive their chances to grow-up.
Ops.. Hope I'm not toolong-winded.
Forgot did I ever share this story with you.
I learnt his story form Raines Schmidt, an armless table tennis player. One day, he went for a buffet dinner, normally he'll just put the plate on the table and then fill up with food. but that day the table was too full for him to put the plate. Just as he was thinking what to do, a man approached to offered help, and he gladly accepted. Then the man started to fill his plate with all kind of foods. Raines then asked him what was he doing? the man replied : I'm helping you! Raines answered: how did you know what kind of assistance I need when you din even asked me?
He said: Many people made the same mistake. We always think we have to help people, but we only "help" people in the way we think we should, but NOT in the way that people need.
Ok lah! end of all this grand-mother story. Wishing you all the best in the workshop. And enjoy your rare holiday.

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