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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


If you think the previous post was my declaration of the end of my blogging life, then you seriously do not know me well enough. Well, if I were to end this, for sure I'm gonna do it with a grand exit of some sort. It definitely won't be a post like that.

Anyway, the blues I was having last week could be attributed to three factors: PMS, lack of sleep, and stress at work. That also explains why I did not update my blog - I was just not in the mood to do it.

This week, I still started off the week with insufficient sleep and MORE stress. All managers in the department are being stretched. Just when we thought that our plates are already full, boss still adds on more until the plates can hardly contain what's inside anymore. We are all under tremendous stress and now it's as if we are all competing who can take the stress better.

I've never been good in handling stress, especially those I deem unnecessary and could have been avoided, e.g. tight deadlines as a result of poor planning. But then, taking it is part of my job; this is what I'm paid for at my work.

Reaching "home" soon. Thisis another cab driver who's making me dizzy with his F1 style driving.


haha, great to know you are back :D. a good manager should first start with own self first, so you gotta be better managing yourself before managing others. gee, what am i writing here, anyway, as always, place your health at the top, don't sleep late, recharged well yourself and stay positive. when you're positive, things will naturally turn out to be good, just like you in the old time. cheers :)

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