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Monday, March 21, 2011

To buy or not to buy

I've been thinking about getting myself a new toy since last year.

And now, i am seriously contemplating...

I've always wanted to own a MacBook (partly for vanity reason - because it looks good and all writers use Mac), and recently i have a good excuse - my personal laptop (a DELL) is driving me crazy with its slow performance.

You see, i don't use company laptop for personal stuff. On weekdays, i often leave the company laptop in the office, and i will use my personal laptop at home. If i were to work from home and need anything on my company laptop, i will remotely access it using LogMeIn via my personal laptop.

This personal laptop that i am using now is quite old already. I can't really recall when i bought it, but i think it is at least 5 years old already - it has a sticker that says "Designed for Windows XP / Windows Vista Capable". Uh huh, in the IT world, this is old.

So, should i or should i not? Hmm...


but if you get a Mac, you would have difficulty to run software that is meant for PC/Windows. hmm, am i wrong on this ?

Annymous, yes you're wrong. Mac can run microsoft windows too! Dun have to worry about virus!

MacBook has dual boot capability - i.e. to choose to boot up in Windows or Mac OS. So if i want to work, i will use Windows; when i want entertainment, Mac OS will be superb. ;)

(Now i seem like justifying for buying it huh!)

Oh btw, LF, if only Mac OS is used on the MacBook, then anti-virus is not required at all. However, if Windows is used on the MacBook, then there is no difference as in using it on any other PC - you will need to install anti-virus for Windows.

Basically, it is the OS that is "infected" with virus, not the machine itself. That is why one of the way to "fix" the virus is to reformat the machine.

Mac is not susceptible to any computer viruses because almost 100% of the viruses out there were written to target Windows. That doesn't mean that there won't be one in the future with Mac getting more popular. In fact, back in year 2009, there was a trojan that targets Mac but it did not have heavy coverage in the news, and hence Apple can continue to use "no virus" as one of their selling points.

wow, seems that you already have researched thoroughly on it. all this while i thought windows on mac is running on virtual machine and hence would be slower for PC apps, probably be not 100% compatible too. sounds cool, and reliability should be much better than those laptops given apple's reputation for their engineering. and customer service shouldn't be problem in singapore. price wise ... you better double think about it lor if it's indeed worth it. later your colleagues will tease you again "what's the purpose for the mac?" and you'll reply "for msn, and facebook" and you got roll eyes again.


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