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Monday, March 14, 2011


Christchurch, Yunnan, Sendai.

Just within a month's time, we saw the earth moved in great magnitude at New Zealand, China and Japan. Lives were lost, and many made homeless.

No matter how great we think we are, human kind is still tiny and helpless when mother nature rages. But then, perhaps the strength of human does not lies in our ability to fight against mother nature, for we can never win; the true manifestation of our greatness is in how we can overcome the catastrophe and rebuild what has been lost.

I am very grateful that Siang and family are alright.

(Actually earthquake hit Bali too on Friday morning, and some of my colleague who were still awake at that time felt the tremour. If the epicentre was not in the sea but at the center of Bali island, or the quake was higher in magnitude that would cause a tsunami, i guess i would now be with the Lord already. There was actually a tsunami warning at Bali following the earthquake at Japan, and some of us were quite worried. For me, i was only worried about what would happen to my mom if it was my time to go.)

While all eyes are focused on the natural disasters, do not forget the man-made one that is still going on at Libya. It is very distressing to see how a mad man would simply kill his own people to hold on to power. Our project there has halted, and we are all very concerned about our colleagues there.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families of the calamities, whether caused by nature or man. May God bless their souls.


"the true manifestation of our greatness is in how we can overcome the catastrophe and rebuild what has been lost."

absolutely agree with this. somehow, i think this message is applying to you too. be optimistic and positive, gal. surely there will be something good gonna be happened to you :). and, it's great to learn your friend in japan is ok. cheers.

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