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Monday, March 14, 2011

Back in SG

Arrived at 4pm+.

The Internet connection at Bali was unstable and slow. I was also in conferences and socialising all day that did not have time to blog at all.

Basically, i had a good time there despite the hot weather on weekdays and the not-so-good accommodation. The conferences were informative and we had many fun evenings mingle around. My presentation went well too.

For Saturday, it was raining almost the entire day. I did not go visiting at Bali; actually i didn't have the energy to do so anyway. Little brother and i spent the entire day in the mall and at the resort chatting and taking photos. I had a relaxing time.

Finally this annual event was over. We all will be getting back to the hectic mode at work again.


last week was obviously not good. tsunami struck in japan and the number of victims reported to be dead keeps increasing, and it had hit 10,000+. i afraid to say this year is not that great after all. fortunately you did not had the vacation this period of time. hope that your friend resides in japan is fine and safe.

stay healthy and be positive. life is always precious, so let's cherish it to the fullest.

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