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Friday, March 18, 2011

Richer yet poorer

The sale of the HDB unit was finally completed on 11-May-2011, and the first property that i've ever owned was no longer mine. That was a house that i bought in great anticipation, moved in with ecstatic happiness, left in heart-broken sorrow, and sold off in sadness. And to think that i've only owned it for slightly more than 2 years and stayed for less than 4 months. I seriously do not know what to feel, or rather, i do not know how to put my feelings into words at all.

There were some sale proceeds and today i met up with YY at the bank to withdraw the money. It isn't a huge sum, and a portion of it will have to be returned to YY's mom (as we borrowed money from her for buying the unit). There will be still some left of course, but somehow, i feel that i am richer yet poorer at the same time.

Slowly and surely, i see that i am getting rid of the things that bind YY and i together, piece-by-piece. Slowly and surely, our paths will no longer crossed. Slowly and surely, we will become strangers, as if all the years we had spent together, happy or sad, have never happened before and do not matter anymore. Slowly and surely, he and i will leave this world as two separate individuals who were once a mere passerby in each other's life. This realisation is heart-wrenching.

I am still grateful nonetheless, for i know God has been watching over me. I am blessed in many ways, and i will use what has been given to me to bless others instead. It is not our pockets that determine whether we are rich or poor; it is our hearts.

We should all be a blessing to others, especially when there are a lot more sufferings at the other parts of the world.


you'll be good, gal. let the past bygones be bygones. these might be merely words, but ..... hope you will find happiness. always remember there's light shines upon you, so don't let down your friends and families hor ...

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