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Cogito ergo scribo

Monday, April 04, 2011

Reading and writing

Little brother asked ex-little boss to bring back a book for me - "Life is short, be yourself".

The author wrote one or two stories in each short chapter as analogies to drive home his points. His writing is clear and simple, void of flowery language or big words. It is an easy read.

I hope to get back to reading regularly as well as writing more frequently. On the reading part, i gotta get away from reading those junk literature downloaded on my iPhone. Not only do these craps have no value at all, reading on iPhone also strains my eyes very much.

As for writing, i gotta do it more often here even if i'm busy with work. I have a simple plan for it and hope it works. You will see it soon.

At the same time, i've actually been thinking about starting to write in Chinese again (in my Chinese blog, which has been in hiatus for years). After all, the literary part of me is still in Chinese. That is a bit more difficult to do and really needs time. Sadly, time is exactly not something i have much to spare nowadays. I really gotta figure this part out.


yes, 做真正的你自己是最好的。 hmm, i thought you always download good readings instead. but once a while reading some crappy and nonsensical, yet funny and comical stuffs are not be bad after all. as for the eyes strain, perhaps you would consider for ipad as your new toy :). on unrelated note, hope that your mom is fine and okay. cheers.

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