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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Project delayed

I was supposed to be at the branch office today but was back at the regional office instead because there was a project hiccup and we had to backtrack to previous phases.

Yesterday while I was guiding the users to complete the last bit of UAT, I discovered two business requirements that were missed out. The business users did not bring those requirements to our attention and hence we did not include them into our system design. This caused us to stop and go back to the drawing board again. I spent almost the entire of today cracking my head and discussing a revised design with my consultant.

Now we need to revise the design document, amend the program, and redo parts of the training and UAT too. I was actually very upset yesterday when i knew that some of our time and effort were wasted because of this oversight. Even my colleagues could tell that i am stressed by just looking at my face.

I had actually been looking forward to ending this project soon. The thought of going through the whole thing again and continue putting up with the users really brings my spirit down. I am going to ask my boss if they can just pay for my consultant to come down from KL instead of using my time again. My other work is piling up like crazy while my time needs to be spent on this mini project that should have been done by the consultants.

Well, to look at the bright side - at least this oversight was uncovered before the system goes live, and no one has been blamed (yet) for this delay. The good thing about this Singapore business team is that their leader is a guy with a can-do and positive attitude, and he will always look at solving problems more than finding faults. When you are working with/for such a person, you will put in your best too even for the toughest tasks.


me 2. normally should focus on how to solve the problem first, then only find out what the source of the problem, think of preventive method. But lots of people only focus on how to shirk the responsibilities. sigh~~~

hmm, it's like the dept #1 blames dept #2 and dept #2 blames dept #3 and dept #3 says it dept #1's fault and the circle never ends. why want to waste time arguing whose fault when it should be channelled to solve the problem. but usually instead of solve->find->prevent, office politics are like solve->find->blame .... Mistakes happen, even chipmaker intel committed oversight mistake. So do the right thing, don't over burden yourself when some of the things can be passed to your team. Be positive! cheers.

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