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Friday, April 08, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

[Here is the return of the trivia of my life. For those who had read my blog for a long time may remember it - there was once I occasionally update my blog in this manner when I was not having enough time to blog and wanted to do quick and random updates. I reckon this may not be a bad idea; the trivia, though uneventful, can be rather interesting sometimes. The important thing is that it keeps record of my life, even if it's the trivial parts of it.]

  1. The landlady's sister came in to SG yesterday and saved me from the agony of babysitting the girls today.

  2. The effect of the Japan trip, CNY and Bali trip are showing recently - i've put on weight after all the eating! The stress at work only makes it worse, as i snack in the office frequently to de-stress.

  3. Heard a news on radio this morning about a farmer in China claiming that his sheep had given birth to a dog and people flocked to his farm to see this animal. Found it unbelievable and told my colleagues about it during lunch time. The IT Manager said the farmer's sheep dog must had shagged the poor sheep when he wasn't around.

  4. Copied some cartoons, movies and drama series from the IT Consultants. I like the Dilbert cartoon. All IT people should be able to relate to it.

  5. There is a pasar malam right at the roadside below the block of my rented place, and one of the stalls is selling stinky tofu (臭豆腐). The stench is so strong that we can smell it even though we are at the 11th floor. I wonder how can anyone possible eat that, but then other people wonder the same about durian and petai too.

  6. Wrote to boss and asked for his approval to send the pretty girl consultant down from KL to do the mini project that was delayed. He replied that he had in fact been wondering why i was doing all the work when it could be done by my staff, and told me to take it as a lesson learnt. Only one word came into my mind after reading that - "DUH?!"

  7. Ex-little boss, the IT Manager and i did a peer interview today. The Manager in KL has left and boss is hiring a replacement. This is the second candidate whom we interviewed, and we all agreed that this guy is good.

  8. The guys in my department and i are crazy about the game Angry Birds lately. We kept talking about it and even talked about using the music and sound effect as ring tone.

  9. Wondered how is the progress of the painting job at my JB home. Uh huh, we hired a contractor to paint the whole house (after more than 20 years!), and that costs me close to RM5K.

  10. Mom informed me that the fridge at home suddenly died off (after using it for more than 10 years). I will have to buy a new one this weekend. It seems like i will not be left with much on the proceeds from the sale of my HDB unit. What a bummer!

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Oh! I tell you, it's always like that. Whenever you think you got some moeny and thinking how to spend, suddenly your house and electricals will start pulling your leg by giving you some problem. Sigh~~~

it isn't really that agony to babysit the daughters mah, just show your stern no-nonsense face and the girls would sit obediently do their homework. that reminds my teacher in secondary class. oh, maybe not... ah, i also never know that the kind pinpin has this violent thought of fun smashing birds to kill some pigs , evil evil evil ......

your boss is absolutely right! it's time to delegate jobs to your team instead of swallowing all of them yourself. you're too kind as boss already (how i wish i have boss like you too, sigh), and manager should be managing, not running the show lah. try to become 10-20% of that pointy hairded boss in dilbert strip, haha. did you reply your boss "lesson learnt" with capitalized DUH?! anyway, just don't over stress yourself and making everyone worry. sometimes, delegate job to teammates is actually helping them i.e building up their skills and experience. i believe your teammates are one capable performing group. all the best! and take good care of your health, so don't eat too much of junkfood!

my home fridge has been running since 1994 and is still running. it's goldstar (now LG). i hope it can still run for some years :) electrical items are made not to last forever but until warranty date (right?), otherwise how do manufacturers make money. so it's not your fault. it's time for you UPGRADE, and nowadays with better technology it could save you electricity than the old one.

my friend said before though 臭豆腐 is giving out unpleasant smell, it tastes differently inside mouth. same too with durian mah.oh, i thought you like durians. maybe you should taste one 臭豆腐 and blog about it, haha... oh sorry sorry unable to draw anything these days, got infected with work stress too. gee, sounds kinda like excuse. btw, i'm in harddisk industry, but i know nothing about harddisk ... cheers :).

what? A sheep given birth to a dog???? Man,.... if this happen in M'sia then we'll be setting up a RIC (Royal Investigating committee) to investigate who did it! The sheep dog may well defend himself by saying, that baby looks like me, behave like me, but not mine!

God knew your needs and hence give you money to bless others including yourself!

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