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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful day

  1. Woke up at 6am today and went to the gym in the hotel with LF. I did brisk walking on the treadmill for half an hour, and decided to do it again tomorrow (if i can wake up early again).

  2. Our team had lunch with my ex-subordinate (the programmer who left). He found a job in New Zealand and would be leaving on Thursday, so it was kinda like a farewell lunch with him today.

  3. Had a long team meeting today and clearly allocate the tasks and ownerships to each team member.

  4. The traffic jam at Federal Highway after work today was exceptionally bad because of the rain.

  5. Could not get any cab back to the hotel (probably because of the jam), and little brother sent me back again. It is always difficult to call a cab to anywhere here. In fact, yesterday i could not get any and gotta ask the hotel to arrange one for me, and the cab fare was RM45 (it would only be less than RM10 if run strictly by metre).

  6. Ex-little boss is in KL too this week.

  7. LF met up with her friends for dinner today, and so i had a simple dinner of fruits and nuts only.

  8. The coming British royal wedding is the media craze now. Both LF and i agreed that the future queen is not a simple person, unlike the late Princess Diana.

  9. The bruise from the blood test has not totally subsided yet. This proves that the nurse was really bad in extracting blood.

  10. Am feeling extremely tired and having neck pain too. I think it's PMS.

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tired and neck pain and yet you still plan to wake up 6am for gym somemore.... and oh no, why just fruits and nuts only for dinner - that's so un-nutritious of you. hmm, since you're on company's bill you should take the advantage to eat something that's nice :).

i didn't realize the wedding has been already kicked off. but that shows you were not that stressful to have time for the news, and gossip... kidding. i have always thought that always you'd call the cab from the office or hotel. if travel in cab in kl/malaysia, please be vigilant and don't fall asleep during journey, especially after tired from working. rm45 was call service charge, or just profit during the rain? don't the taxis in kl were enforced to charge based on meters ... gee, i'm so out of touch with the taxi rates.

title states "unventful" but read through it seems that you have quite a day, compare to mine wake up -> work -> lunch -> work -> dinner -> internet -> sleep. cheers, have fun in KL (and soon melaka ) oh, i wonder if the ex-colleague knew about this blog :)

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