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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. Searched the Web for a little animated sheep we used to activate and let it roam on our computer desktop more than a decade ago. I called it "Ah Bao". Some of you old-timer may remember it.

    I've uploaded "Ah Bao" to Dropbox and you can download it if you kinda miss it too (117 KB).

  2. Sui asked me if 摩洛哥 and 摩纳哥 are two different countries. Did a Web search and confirmed that one is Morocco (in North Africa) and the other is Monaco (in south western Europe). Both countries are under constitutional monarchy, which means both have royalties like England.

  3. Wondered if the smell of paint at JB home has subsided. The smell was so strong that i was having headache everyday over the last long weekend. Hope it will not be as bad for this coming long weekend.

  4. The colleague who knew about my blog is going to be transferred to China. This is the last week she is in this office. I feel both happy and sad - happy for her to be promoted and has the opportunity to work overseas, but sad that another good colleague and friend is leaving.

  5. The new maid will only be here in another few more weeks, and the landlady's mom has been taking care of the kids. It is both good and bad - good that the kids make less noise now because they are more well-behaved with grandma around, but bad that no one is doing the house chores for me!

  6. My iPhone 3GS was crippled by the upgrade to iOS4.3.1, and the later update to iOS4.3.2 did not fix the problems either. I hope to get iPhone 5 that is said to be released soon, but the company has stopped issuing iPhone. The company can change my mobile phone, but it gotta be an Android phone. I love iPhone so much that i would rather use the old version than to change to HTC.

  7. Was messing around with Google sites for setting up a sharing platform for our department. Realised that there are quite a lot of limitations compared to Sharepoint.

  8. Heard from the IT Manager that boss was hospitalised, but we do not know what happened. Boss had told us that he is going to be on leave for this entire week, and we thought he is going on a holiday. It seems like his leave was planned for this hospitalisation. Will check with ex-little boss tomorrow and see if he knows anything.

  9. Received the letters from HR on the annual increment and variable bonus. This totally warrants a separate post of its own, just so that i can rant about it. For now, i only have one word for it: unfairness. Or make it two words instead: pathetic.

  10. I brought a cake to office yesterday as celebration of the IT Manager's birthday (which was on Sunday). The cake was exchanged with a voucher i got during the Great Singapore Sales last year and expiring end of this month.

    As the cake was not very big and wasn't enough to go around, the four of us in the department ate the entire cake by ourselves.

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ah, the cute sheep - that's so windows 95 time. but found it quite annoying sometimes, haha.

aiya, the world is getting smaller with the internet, and facebook, and blogspot! hence, even your friend physically is in China or NZ, you can still be able to keep in touch with her mah. you don't need really to be sad about it. come to think of it, it's quite scary to learn that opportunity at home is getting stagnant and everything now is moving to china...

gee, how come upgrading iphone OS would make it even worse? is it possible to revert back to original OS? sounds like upgrading XP to windows 7 and things start to break like that. don't be so greed to upgrade lor. and, who knows, you might fall in love with HTC that comes with powerful CPU and OS. according to tech articles, android will be reigning in smartphone soon.

unfairness. pathetic. ha, what a catchy teaser. but then, don't overly bash your company ler. another long weekend is coming :). have fun, don't waste that time just for resting lor. cheers.

For the iPhone, yes, i can revert it back to factory setting (i.e. the old iOS), but all the apps and data will be lost. Actually quite a lot of people encountered various problems like me after the upgrade and posted all the queries and complaints online, but Apple has not resolve the problems (or maybe they don't care). I am now hoping the later release of iOS can fix the problems. I've played around with Android and personally i still feel Apple is better.

maybe it's business strategy to encourage you to get an iphone5 :|. it's like the new mac not compatible with the old mac, and it's never apple policy to be backward compatible. gee, how come you say apple is better, i thought you were a google fan , and you can still play angry birds with HTC or motorola ....

oh, don't be so lazy bump complaining doing house chores, it wouldn't be that bad to DIY the cleaning :)

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