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Monday, April 25, 2011

Angry Birds mania

As our department (in SG) was "infected" by the Angry Birds mania, here's an email thread between the guys and me about Angry Birds.

("A" is the IT Manager, "D" is ex-little boss, and "J" is the IT Consultant.)

I've mentioned to them before that i saw the Angry Birds plush toys in a car on the road one day, and the IT Consultant actually bought the toys online after that. Then i saw the toys at Jonker Street at Melaka, and so i took the picture and sent to the guys.

Then the guys replied:

Each of us has a Google lego brick on our cubicle. We got a box of Google gifts from the UK after the IT Manager did a successful Google email migration project. Coincidentally there were four lego bricks of different colours and so each of us took one. I took yellow, ex-little boss took red, IT Manager took green and the IT Consultant took blue.

And because the IT Manager's lego brick is green in colour, he replied:

I was so amused and reassured him that he needs not be the pig:

Here the full image of the funny pictures i found from the Web:

Then ex-little boss replied with an interpretation of the characteristics of each of us (but he got the colours mixed up between the IT Manager and IT Consultant):

After all these amusing email exchanges, i changed the avatar in my MSN Messenger.


haha, so funny. fortunately no one got hold of "white" lego block lor, very demoralizing description ler... but you also quite bad - your info made worse by telling A instead a piece of s8.%$. okay, okay, kidding only, don't get angry like the yellow bird. hmm, so which one represents the big boss -> the supreme black bird have fun of torturing you all? wonder instead of plush if there's tshirt on it too, haha...

the avatar from far looked more like cute chubby gold fish then yellow angry bird (why take away the nice pretty pinpin, you angry meh.....). 是一只小小鸟就好,不要做一个小小气的鸟啊。and, pinpin is strategic, cool! cheers. smash the pigs to smithereens////

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