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Friday, April 22, 2011

1Malaysia email

I guess one of the hottest news now (after the Sarawak election) is the recently-announced private initiative of providing national email accounts to all Malaysians who are 18 years old. This is also a hot topic now on Facebook among fellow Malaysians.

Naturally, i would not miss such fun. Besides supporting the petition page against this pointless and dubious project, i also voted (with comment) on a survey conducted on Facebook about my opinion on this idea.

Then the survey led me to the page that posted this question (i am not sure if this is really the official site set up by the company chosen by the government to run this project).

I of course then took the chance to say my piece on this page, just like many other fellow citizens.

Oh, and by the way, for those who think that this idea is the same as the OneInbox initiative from IDA Singapore, it is not. Do note that Singapore government is more like adding an inbox to the already existed single platform of SingPass, whereas the one suggested by our government so far seemed to suggest that it is an email service just like gmail, hotmail, etc.

Furthermore, such concept of "single point of contact for all government correspondences" will only be beneficial in countries with high Internet penetration rate and coverage, such as Singapore. The initiative will also only work when it goes in tandem with other effort, such as how Singapore government put in place projects to develop the infrastructure as well as educating the citizens (even the elderly) to be IT literate. It will simply be a waste of time, money and resources when it is implemented in a country where the government does not even put in proper plan to improve the overall national IT infrastructure or is more than happy to keep a low education standard for the citizens so that they can have credulous citizens who will continue to vote for them blindly.

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gee, can't find the 'like' button in this blog, haha... you just sacrificed yourself to be exposed as gov non-supporter lor .....by the way, your opinion of giving free WiFi is already shared by the penang CM, no no, you don't need to swear that you did not copy from him ...


as for the email account, it's just like any other scam and no point of arguing it at all. if the government really does have people in mind and being initiative, there is so much can be done, especially when there are many examples (like singapore) they can follow and further improve it. wonder why they don't announce it prior the election?

oh, how dare you expose the government grand strategy to keep rakyat continue being illiterate and ruin the fixed deposit! treachery! but still, i like your blog :) and hey, don't spoil your holiday by sleep and wake up late. darn, it's belated message. cheers.

Seriously, believe it or not, i did not get my idea from Mr. Lim. The thoughts came from taking Singapore as example.

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