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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comics and a passage

In reply to my post on the comics, Angel drew two frames as "alternative" ending to the comic strip:

These were nicely drawn even though it was a fast job.

Coincidentally, i posted up a passage i saw from the Web on my FB:

I totally agree with what was written here - we need not force ourselves to forget certain things or certain person. In fact, the more we force ourselves to forget, the more we will keep on remembering it. Time will make us forget, or rather, it will blur off our memories. Forgetting will just come naturally and does not require any effort.

And when we really forget someone or something, it isn't really wiped off from our memories totally (after all, that is only possible if we have amnesia). We know we have really forgotten that someone or something when our minds do not consciously think about it anymore, and even when we are reminded of it, we feel nothing about it at all. That is when we know that we have truly forgotten and moved on.

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but .... the problem is, you are not force forgetting but keep reminding of it. stay strong gal, you must know many will always stand by you, support you, and there is aboslutely no reason you for you to continue to be sad. happiness will find you eventually when you open yourself to it.

(sigh, i shouldn't have posted this comment, but just to let you know there is still readers to support you no matter how).

dont't stay awake so late and think about unwanted things. and enjoy the look forwared long weekend with your friends! cheers.

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