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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Angry Birds mania continues

If you think what we said in our emails about replacing our Google lego bricks with Angry Birds was just joking, well, think again.

Uh huh, we do what we said. The IT Consultant bought the angry birds online and gave one to each of us to be placed on top of our cubicle.

As there wasn't a plush toy for the less popular green bird, he was not able to get one for the IT Manager to match the green lego brick. Since the IT Manager had mentioned before that his favourite angry bird is the yellow one (same as me!), he got the yellow bird as well.

It is so funny to see the different colours of angry birds at our department. A few colleagues were very amused when they passed by and saw the birds. I jokingly told them that this is an angry department and hence we have angry birds at our cubicles.

It's fun to have these guys in my department. It makes the otherwise dreadful job more fun and happier.


OMG! the big yellow 鸟 is so so cute!! and biggest somemore leh. cool down, cool down, don't get angry and bully the IT manager yo.... hmm, seems like it missed the name pinpin tag on the bird.

it's so envious that you have a great and wonderful teammates together creates joyful synergetic environment. of course, everyone's near pinpin would have a hearty effect, haha :) cheers. don't be addicted too much until neglect your work lor.


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