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Sunday, May 01, 2011

A few things I noted about the royal wedding

As i did not get to watch the live telecast of the royal wedding yesterday, i actually spent hours reading the news and watching the video clips of the wedding on the Web. Here are some of the things i noted about the royal wedding:

  • The bride was absolutely stunning, even though i still think she looked older for her age. The groom actually still has a very young look and child-like smile. It is actually his balding head that makes him look older.

  • Both the dresses the bride wore for the wedding ceremony and evening reception were simple yet elegant. However, i was quite distracted by her protruding nipples. No no, i am not trying to be disrespectful or making fun of her. It's just that i didn't like the "pointed" look on the dresses. (As the whole world will be looking at her as a fashion icon, i wonder if this is gonna start a new wave of bra-less look in fashion.)

  • A lot of people commented that the maid-of-honour, i.e. the bride's sister, looked beautiful and stole the limelight from the bride. I beg to differ; i do not think the sister is better looking actually. I also feel that she looked older.

  • They waved in the car; they waved on the carriage; they waved on their way in and out of buildings; they waved on the balcony... actually what is it about this waving thing? Seriously, does any of the spectators actually think that they were waving specifically at them?

  • The little bridesmaid who frowned and covered her ears on the balcony was just too cute. I found the scene very amusing, especially now that all the photos of the balcony (especially the ones with them kissing) have this little girl sulking at such happy occasion.

  • I didn't really realise until seeing the wedding that hats are part of the important attire for formal events in UK. Many people have commented negatively about the PM's wife's bare head. I've seen the Brits wearing hats in many important functions, but i didn't realise that this is almost like an unwritten rule. Oh, and the showcase of hats from the wedding photos really amused me, especially those of the two princesses. They looked ridiculous.

The media frenzy over this wedding of the century will not be over anytime soon. The Web is flooded with photos, write-ups and video clips of the wedding. I bet people will still follow closely on them, wanting to find out more about their life after marriage.

Seriously, why are we (and i) spending so much time on the affairs of two persons whom we do not know and will never come to know in life? Enough already, i told myself.


i thought pinpin likes to 八卦 one, even look for it in youtube until late night, how can you say enough already when there's free flow of the news, haha. oh, i get to know the unwritten rule about hats in UK, thanks to your blog :)

braless fashion trend, hmm, really cannot digest this ler .....

you are really observative yoh! I din realise about her braless wear until you mentioned about it :p
But I'm still wondering, is it???

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