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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Waiting for the results

I'm now sitting in front of the TV at my uncle's house, together with my aunt. Needless to say, like many other Singaporeans, we are waiting eagerly for the polling results.

This kinda reminds me of year 2008 when we Malaysians waited anxiously for the election results and were ecstatic to know that the people had finally taught the government a hard lesson through our votes.

However, i do not think similar thing will happen in Singapore. In fact, the opposition parties have taken drastic moves in this election and may risk losing the only 2 parliamentary seats (out of 84) they had. If that happens, Singapore parliament will be dominated 100% by the ruling party.

Nevertheless, i am still hoping for a miracle. The ruling party will of course still form the government, but there must be a breakthrough to bring on changes. Yet, it is human nature to be fearful of the unknown and to be resistance to change. It is even more so in Singapore, since the government has been doing a good job in making this small island into a successful and internationally renown country.

What many people fail to recognise sometimes is that what happened in the past is not a guarantee of the future. And i firmly believe in what Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." This is just human nature - when one has unlimited and unrestrained power, the mind will be corrupted and slowly becomes complacent and arrogance. There is always a need for check and balance, control and governance.

So far, results of a few seats have been announced and the opposition has only won one. (When that one opposition seat was announced, i could hear the roar of victory from afar.)

Whatever it is, Singaporeans will have to live with their own choices for another 5 years. Good or bad, they should not complain about it because they have a hand in making it.

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it's like underdog fight, or david vs goliath like that. unlike malaysia where the results are always disputed with postal votes, vote buying, don't think this is happening in singapore though. but judging from the cyberspace as well as kopitiam rants, gee, the actual result is always contrasting one. hmm ....

it's interesting to know who emerges as winner for aljunied and marina parade since these 2 constituencies so far are the most talked about, and the former is the fight of the bigwigs.... oh, i never know about there's this cooling off day. cheers.

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