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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. Staying in SG for this weekend. Ex-little boss is celebrating the 1st birthday of his baby boy tomorrow and had invited the colleagues in the department, but only i am going while the others need to celebrate Mother's Day. Actually i forgot that it is the weekend for Mother's Day and had promised ex-little boss that i will attend the birthday party, so i gotta leave my mom all alone in JB for this Mother's Day.

  2. Saw an interesting wireless network name detected in the list. I wonder which neighbour is so creative.

  3. It's polling day for Singapore tomorrow, and we get one day annual leave credited to us because it is declared a Public Holiday. Even though i can't vote here, i followed the news with great interest. Will probably share my thoughts in another post; actually i've been sharing a lot of my views on FB already.

  4. Both the IT Consultant and i were shock to find out that he actually got married on the same day as me, i.e. 31-Aug-2008. The difference is that he is still blissfully married while i am approaching the end of it.

  5. Installed iOS4.3.3 today and it fixed the problems on my iPhone. Yay!

  6. Am hooked on playing iPhone games again lately - not just Angry Birds but all other free puzzle games.

  7. A colleague found a mobile phone in the toilet today and she passed it to our HR. None of my colleagues misplaced the phone and so it must be someone from one of the other two tenants on our office floor. The HR guy actually checked out the contacts in the phone, saying that he wanted to find out who had misplaced it. I feel that he should not have done that; there are only two neighbours and he could have simply checked with them rather than invaded other's privacy.

  8. Received friend request on FB from a guy whose name i do not know. Checked out his profile and noticed that he had added over 1000 friends and mostly are girls. So of course i did not accept it.

    Seriously, who actually has over a thousand friends in this world? Even for those with over 200 friends in FB, i doubt they are really interested in the lives of each and everyone of them.

  9. Boss was recently hospitalised because of mild chest pain. He said he was in the hospital for 3 days for a thorough check-up, and fortunately there was nothing too serious. The result of the check-up showed that his cholesterol level is way too high. He is now on special diet.

    On the other hand, the result of my medical check-up showed that i am a healthy baby, once again.

  10. Intend to go shopping tomorrow at Causeway Point. Have not been there for quite long already (since CNY).

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you can celebrate mother's day on sunday after church service, it's still within the weekend. you're so such person to keep promise, if it's me, i would not attend without other gang lor and decline it last minute ...... have fun ya :) hmm, it would be not creative if the WIFI SSID is really a person's initial instead, then you are bad leh to tease him/her like that .... oh, maybe i had thought with the wrong frequency, haha. ...

hmm, saying to find out the real owner is just like buying an excuse. but with a phone on hand, sometimes it's quite hard to resist from not doing that lor, hmmph... congrats the new OS fixed the problem, and next time don't be so greedy lor. gee, what am i typing here .... of course, i will hang around tomorrow on your blog to know your opinion about the election lor. interesting .....

oh, i had an ex-colleague with 700+ friends, quite a shock to me who only has <100 :(. sometimes i really wonder if she really knows every each of them, but if to add up since kindergarten, pri-sec-univ, ex-colleagues, church, friends' friends, ha, it might not be impossible. the world is getting smaller after all. my close friends had 100 - 300+ friends in FB. makes me wonder how many you have .... flattering a bit (or a lot) here, you're actually quite famous, albeit anonymous, and probably because of your blog he wants to know you better.

someday, you will eventually find your own happiness. don't give up! great to know you are one healthy gal, yay to you ! but then, that shouldn't be excuse for once-a-while staying unhealthy, like staying up late and develop dark circles. cheers, and have a nice weekend :)

You are too flattering liao... i only have 100+ FB friends. I do not simply add people, and sometimes may even unfriend those whom i am not particularly concerned of. I do not want all the updates that i'm not interested in to clutter my wall. ;)

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