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Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm a healthy baby!

There was a free health screening at our company last month. The service was provided by a clinic, and the purpose was to raise the awareness of the importance of health screening. Well, at least that was what stated on the brochure, not withstanding the clinic's promotional health screening package that was mentioned numerous times by the doctor during the after-screening briefing.

Since it was a free service, the screening only included some basic tests such as BMI, body fat, and basic urine test. My test result showed that i wasn't so healthy.

My body fat and urine protein level were out of the healthy range. Oh, and i must protest on the 58KG weight reading. It was wrong wrong wrong! There must be something wrong with their weighing scale. Mine at home only read 56KG, and mine was a digital weighing scale. So mine was more accurate. It MUST be, and no one can convince me otherwise!  

Anyway, after knowing the result, i was kinda worried and decided to go for further checkup. So i did a health screening at Pathlab together with 贝 and collected the result on last Saturday.

To my relief, everything came back perfect!  

I reckon the first screening at my company was inaccurate because it was done after i had my breakfast (and one huge cup of coffee). We should actually abstain from all foods and drinks (except plain water) for at least 10 to 12 hours prior to health screening, so as to avoid any "contamination" to the testing. But then, having a healthy cholesterol level doesn't mean i don't have an excessive body fat. I know where the extra pounds are and i really must shred those fat. *looked for my last year's Christmas gift*

贝, on the other hand, did have some "red marks".

His result showed some abnormalities on blood test, and so he did another blood test to confirm, or rather, to disprove (we hope!) the result. It also showed that his LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) level was a tad too high. He was told that his overall cholesterol level was hovering around the upper borderline, and he should really watch over his diet. Hmm, that's certainly something out of our expectation. A lazy ass like me who doesn't work out is actually healthier than a person who's so athletic and exercises every week. Go figure! 

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