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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


And so, once again, our PM proved to me that he had failed to deliver what he had promised on the "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang" bullshit. Apparently, the ruling party is only concerned with its stupid rule of never support any Opposition's motion more than doing good for the country. This is basically saying that whether the issue at hand is right or wrong, as long as it's from the Opposition, it must be knocked down, even at the expense of the country and the people. No words can describe how disgusted i am feeling now at this whole issue.

What's more disgusting is how our MPs justified their behaviours by telling us that, "hey, this is how everyone is doing it so i don't see anything wrong with it". How else should i feel except disappointed and even despair for our country with such people as the government?

Then, there were some people who felt nothing in bribing the police, blogged about it and was even lauded by the readers for being able to get away with the hefty fines. As for the readers who criticized the said blogger, they were immediately being called self-righteous hypocrites. How sad can it be?

I guess corruption has become so serious in this country that we regard it so matter-of-factly, as if it's just part of our daily lives like eating, sleeping, or shitting. Whenever a traffic police stops a driver, the first thing the driver will think is how to get away with it with graft. Whatever happened to "if you do wrong, then you pay the price"? Don't complain about the corruption in this country if we are the very people who are promoting it by taking bribery as the first option in getting away with our wrongdoings.

I know what i wrote would just be reduced to some holier-than-thou shit, but what do i care really. For those people who have no hesitation in offering or accepting bribes, don't come crying one day claiming that you are being unjustly treated by a corrupted police for hugging in the public or what other shit. Bear in mind that you have a hand in making this country how it is today. And no, in case you are wondering, i've never committed any bribery in my life, and it's my intention to never do it for the remaining of my life.

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