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Monday, May 08, 2006


I'm suffering from constipation recently. I mentioned before that i've been having long-term constipation since young and the frequency of my bowel movement is irregular. That was why i did a colonoscopy last July. If it wasn't for this recent checkup, i would have been really worried, as i had only defecated two times for the last two weeks. Uh huh, i only defecated once every seven days, and both times were with the help of some digestive drinks. So, i was walking around with load of shit in me most of the time, which basically means i'm a person who's full of shit.

Not only the bowel, but i think i'm also having a constipation of the mind. I seemed to be unable to write recently. That sure doesn't sound too good on me, as it seems to suggest that i think with me backside, or my brain is somehow linked to the ass, or my inability to write is associated to my inability to defecate and thus what i write are shit.

Well, that's simply not true. I don't think one has anything to do with the other. It's just that i'm getting lazy in writing lately. In fact, i'm kinda lazy to even access the Internet. I don't know why. Perhaps that's no particular reason at all. Just plain laziness that gets the better of me every once in a while. Or perhaps some recent unhappy events had taken a toll on me and drained me of my positive energy. I just need time to get the energy back. Some junk food such as ice cream and potato chips can certainly help in my recovery, but then i'm supposed to control my diet and keep away from cold food. Ah, maybe that's why...

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Reading helps the constipation of the mind? I've realised when I'm constipated up there, it's because I stopped reading for a while.

You need more fibre in your diet. Prune juice helps.

kite: Ya, you are right. I realized the same too, and that was why i just started reading a new book recently.

viewtru: Thanks for the advice. :)

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