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Saturday, May 06, 2006

On leave today

I called in sick today and stayed at home. I wasn't sick but was using "not feeling well" as an excuse to take a day off. It's our company policy that employees need to apply for annual leave at lease one week in advance. Since the court-appointed consultants came in, they have been following the policy religiously like a bible. So i needed to cook up something when i wanna take leave without giving one-week of prior notice.

The main reason for taking leave today was because 贝 wanted to watch the Thomas Cup semi-finals between Malaysia and Denmark. To his disappointment, Malaysia lost after a tough fight, while Denmark will be competing against China in the Final tomorrow.

Since the matches was broadcasted in the afternoon, we went to do a health screening at Pathlab in the morning. We took up a package that cost RM640 for four screenings, which average to RM160 only for each screening. We used two today, and the other two are valid till year 2009. There were also some free supplementary tests that came with the package, such as screening on helicobacter pylori, breast cancer, ovary cancer, and prostate cancer. I was rather amazed at what we can find out about our health merely through urine and blood tests. The test results will be available for collection next week.

Another thing that i got done today was that i finally finished watching Dae Jang Geum. A series of 70 episodes was indeed awfully long, and it could have been shortened if it wasn't for the way how Korean series always was -- to show the characters reminiscing the past and repeat some scenes over and over again. Overall, i would say it was good and i could understand why it was so highly acclaimed. I did, however, find some parts of the story disagreeable, especially when it showed Dae Jang Geum as the person who made lots of medical breakthrough when those discoveries or inventions were known to be the works of ancient Chinese. Anyway, it was just a drama series so i guess we shouldn't take the story so seriously. Let's just hope that the youngsters who watched it have the ability to distinguish between history and fiction.

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