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Monday, May 09, 2011

Self-centered girl

I've wanted to blog a bit more on the Singapore election, but then something happened just now and i really should write about it instead.

That self-centered girl has just moved out. She came back to pack her stuff just now. Unfortunately, her departure was not as peaceful as i've hoped.

I was in my room watching Despicable Me on my laptop with my door closed because the landlady was guiding her two girls on their homework and i did not want to distract them. Then i heard my landlady talking angrily to someone in a rather loud voice. At first, i thought she was scolding her daughters again, but when i listened carefully, i realised it was that tenant.

I did not feel right to talk out of the room at that time and so i waited for her to leave. There were more exchanges during that time, and i was praying (seriously) that she could hold her tongue and just leave, instead of making my landlady even more furious.

After she left, i came out of my room and my landlady immediately related what had happened.

Because of the incident over the long weekend, my landlady really told that girl to move out. Since then, the girl had been avoiding my landlady for a week by coming back really late (like past 1am). However, she did not change her behaviour and still left her things all around.

Then just now, when she was back to pack her stuff, my landlady saw her removing my landlady's clothes on the hangers and packed the hangers into her luggage! My landlady was furious and told her off, "you are already working; can't you even afford to buy hangers on your own?"

That girl then took out the hangers from the luggage with a very bad attitude, which made my landlady even madder and told her to take out the Milo too. It turned out that this girl not only drank the Milo in the morning without asking, she even took many packets with her. When my landlady questioned her about how could she simply eat other's people stuff, she rebutted my landlady that it was the maid who told her to eat whatever she liked.

Frankly, i think she misunderstood. From what i know about that maid, she would not tell this girl such thing. My guess is that it should be more like this girl asked the maid if she could eat the thing there and the maid probably said yes, and then this girl took it as an invitation to take and eat whatever she desired.

My landlady was infuriated and told the girl that she has to be accountable if anything is found missing (since she seems to take everything conveniently without asking). That girl actually snapped back and said that she would also hold my landlady accountable if she found she lost anything too. My landlady was so mad and told that girl, “你不见东西关我屁事啊?!" ("it's not my business if you lose anything").

Then, my landlady told that girl she will hire someone to fix the Internet connection problem and that girl will have to pay for it. To that, the girl actually told my landlady rudely that she could collect the money from her cousin.

(What i forgot to add to the list in my earlier post about what this girl did was that she, without asking for permission first again, unplugged the cable from the wireless modem so that she could use the Internet (since she did not know the wireless network key to get the connection). When we came back from the long weekend, the wireless modem had stopped working and the cables were in a mess.)

I was shock to hear all these. First of all, don't tell me she does not understand that taking things that do not belong to us without asking for permission is equivalent to stealing. Even a kid would know that, and don't tell me that her parents or her schools never taught her that.

Secondly, i can't believe that she actually told my landlady to get the money from her cousin. Why should her cousin be liable for all the nonsense that she had done? This proves that she is indeed a person who is so self-centered and inconsiderate that she has no thoughts for anyone at all, not even her so-called closed cousin who is pregnant and who was put into such difficult spot because of her.

Anyway, now that she had moved out, my landlady would not have to be troubled anymore. However, i am a bit concerned if this girl would do anything to retaliate since she knows where my landlady stays. It's not that i think so lowly of her, but i really have no faith in human beings anymore, and even more so for such kind of person who never spares a single thought for anyone else in this world but herself. I seriously pity her future husband.

Let's just hope that this is really the end and we shall never need to have any more encounters with this person anymore.


salute to your landlady - that is her house and she should not lower herself to the delinquent, especially after all the warnings had been given. i wonder pinpin would be this strong when she meets people like the new tenant. you gotta stay strong too. anyway, from the story, it seems your landlady had turned blind eye on the Milos until the girl still unrepented and even retaliated after being ticked off on the hangers. really shake head. though there are ignorants, irresponsibles and self-centered people around but they are still many more pleasant people too, like your departmental colleagues, close friends, teammates. to use the words "no faith in human beings anymore" is a bit too much. out of 10, you probably have met just 1-2, or 3 that are crooked. so, don't lose faith on humanity. hopefully in future, experience and contacts with society will shape the tenant up to learn about respect and courtesy lor. at least she still knows about being polite. you're thinking too much about retaliation liao, is not that she not kena halau-ed by other relatives like that.. hmm, coincident with the incident, you're watching "despicable me"....

as for the WIFI connection, does it really cannot be fixed DIY? I thought you are from IT leh... the girl could have reset (there should be a reset button somewhere) the device to bypass the security key and you probably need to hard wired connect to the modem to reconfigure the settings again. there should be user manual on this, if not google. oh well, since someone will foot the bill, just leave the pros to fix it, unless it piques your curiousity, aha.. have a nice week ahead especially aftermath of the "breakthrough" lor.... cheers.

gee...speechless! this little gal beyond hope! Let's quote what MM lee said, one need to pay a hufty price in order to learn big lesson.

Angel, you were right about my landlady turning a blind eye on the Milo. She told me that she actually knew about it but she would not want to make any scene out of it since it's not something expensive. Then she lost her cool when she saw that the girl, again and again, took more advantage of her. That's when she felt that enough is enough.

Well, i do ERP software and am more on business information system rather than IT-IT. I do not know IT infrastructure stuff and do not know how to fix a wireless modem. :P

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