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Sunday, May 08, 2011


Finally, the last seat has been announced.

As expected, the ruling party still rules, of course.

Yet, the opposition won 6 seats this time. This is considered a great breakthrough for Singapore.

It's time for bed now.


6 seats and 2 constituencies. if only sarawak had GRC voting system for kuching, and kl and some other big cities, the opposition might already win in malaysia....

win aljunied but lost potong pasir. and so much of hoohaa for marine parade (isn;'t it interesting to have one stomping feet in parliament .... ). hopefully the coming 5 years things will improve and getting much better lor for the singaporeans. gee, sleep so late, don't tell you dozed off in church again today.... cheers.

Erm... i was supposed to go to the church in Singapore with my aunt this morning, and i could not wake up at all and missed it. I prayed to God to forgive me for missing the Sunday service because of SG election. :P

.... like that also can.... oh well, it's better than being spotted sleeping (with drooling and snoring somemore) whilst the pastor is giving sermons. next time don't be so unchecked when you want to wake up early in the next morning lor... cheers.

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