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Monday, May 23, 2011

A long vacation planned

I've had this plan in my mind for quite a while but was hesitating because of the amount that i would need to scoop out for it. Then a few weeks back, i finally took the step to make it happen.

Uh huh, i am going to LA with my mom!

I was checking out the flight schedule to KL on SIA website and saw a promotion banner for flight to LA. It is a direct flight from SG to LA on A380 and cost almost SGD5K for two persons. It was actually considered quite a good bargain, but before i bought it, i decided that perhaps i could check out zuji.com or asiatravel.com websites to see if there were any cheap tickets like the ones we got for my Japan trip.

And there was when i saw this super deal on MAS. SG to KL and then KL to LA only cost less than SGD3k for two passengers. It really can't get any cheaper than this and so i quickly grabbed it.

It's gonna be a really long vacation for me, with 14 full days in USA. I'll be away from work for 19 days (from 27-Jul to 14-Aug), and that will take away 12 days of my annual leave. I am now only left with about 3 days of annual leave for this year.

The main purpose of the trip is to bring my mom to visit my elder brother who is in LA. We've not seen him for almost 15 years or so; it has been so long that i don't think i'll recognise him even if i bump into him on the street. We hardly keep in touch, and i know my mom misses him very much. I'm not too sure when will be the next time for her to see him again after this trip, and so i decided to stay there the longest we can just so that she can have more time to be with her precious son. I was jokingly telling my colleagues that since year 2012 is the end of the world, i might as well bring my mom to see his son before we all vanish.

This trip is gonna cost me a bomb for sure, as i'll have to bear all the costs of the travel for two persons. Anyway, if this can make mom happy (which i'm sure it will), then it's all worthwhile.

The next step now is for her to get the U.S. visa, which is a headache for me. As a Malaysian and non-Singapore PR, she gotta go to the U.S Embassy in KL to get it done. She is not working anymore, and does not have a huge bank account balance or any fixed deposit to prove that she will not stay in USA to work illegally. I'm asking her to find out more details from an ex-neighbour who runs a tour agency.

As for me, the visa i applied for my previous business trips carries the validity of 10 years. I've renewed my passport and i just need to carry the old passport that bears the visa with me for this trip

I am really looking forward to this trip. Besides the long leave from work (even though i'm sure i will still be checking my work emails when i'm there), it's a mixed feeling for me to be meeting my only sibling whom i've not seen for so long. There is a story about how our situation would come to this today, and i'll leave that to another day.

For now, i've added a countdown widget to my blog for counting down to my trip. As there will be no more public holidays for the coming two months, this is gonna be the motivation to last me till July.

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actually it's great your boss can approve such a long leave. I want to take one day also very difficult, I really don't see what's the problem for me to go for one day leave. Ya, talked to others F&A Manager that day, they also facing the same problem to apply AL. But our leave are credited every month, and we can only b/f 3days at the year end. then how r we supposed to clear our AL?
However, enjoy ur holiday b4 the end of the world lah! I also must plan my this year trip liao! :p

err, the end of the day supposed to be yesterday (21-may-2011, darn, i miss google on that day), but the prophecy turned out to be (so) wrong after all, aha. 2011 or 2012, let's live to the fullest :). don't bother much about the money, what is lost sure can be earned back when you work harder lah. sure it's easy to say this when it is not my money involved :P. but then, you got a good bargain for the ticket, so you actually have made a gain instead :). plus, you just gave your mum a great present for mommy's day .. wait, the trip is in july, not may...

gee, the widget is sure one reminder. did you put one (bigger) too on the wallpaper on your company's laptop? it would be a great motivator to you in work, maybe ;). the time departure and arrival is confusing by the different time zone - it's like KL -> US in just 3 hours! but the 5 hours waiting in between gonna be very long time leh. i was told when applying visa for US trip it's advisable not to disclose if there's relative/sibiling residing in the states. but common sense a bit, it's sure an irony to have an elder intend to "jump aeroplane". don't think the visa gonna be issue to your mom (but still have to do some homework lor), so just look forward to enjoy the trip in 2 months time!

with all the leaves used and motivation for the trip, i'm sure you won't easily fall sick ^_^. take good care, especially your health. 2011 is a great year! cheers.

I like your countdown ^-^
very motivated yoh!

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