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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. The neighbour is playing mahjong again today. I can't help but wonder - don't they have to work? Or maybe they are full-time mahjong players?

  2. Another neighbour has lots of potted plants along the corridor and he always pour pails of unknown fluid onto the plants. The thing is that the fluid stinks terribly, and we suspect it may be urine or what. Now it smells badly again.

  3. For the first time since i moved in here, today is the first day i access the Web using my landlady's Internet connection. She called up Linksys technical support and i helped her to reset and set up her wireless router with the guidance from the technical support. This was the first time i ever set up a wireless router, yay!

  4. Started my GSS shopping yesterday by spending SGD100+ on facial products from Skinfood. Went shopping again after work today but didn't get anything. Decided to go again tomorrow.

  5. I am still troubled about the behaviours of one of my staff, and am very disappointed with her too. I can feel my patience running out soon, so she'd better not push it further.

  6. Am quite concerned about not able to shred the 1.5 KG that i gained recently, but at the same time couldn't stop myself from snacking in the office due to lousy mood.

  7. Poured away an almost full 1L carton of milk today because it has expired. I bought it last week and didn't drink it. What a waste.

  8. Bit my inner lip twice at the same spot and now there is a huge mouth ulcer there. It hurts.

  9. Had booked the U.S. visa application interview time slot for mom, and she will follow me to KL for the interview on the week after.

  10. My landlady got her iPAD2 today from her colleague who went to the U.S. and helped her to buy it. She told me it actually costs more than buying in SG after the VAT and she regretted buying it there. Now i can forget about buying it in the U.S. and think about whether to get it in SG or Malaysia. Yes, it is not whether to get it or not, but WHERE to get it.

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It will be interesting to find out what's your limit, hahaha...iPad2? do y ou need it?

Yes, i'm also wondering how far i can stretch my limit...

Who has ever said about "needing" an iPad2? I "want" it, and want can always be twisted into a need. ;)

yay, not so hard to set up wireless router, right :)? you should be disciplined about your diet and health, cut down snack food and avoid sleeping late. that's BAD habit, BAD BAD HABIT. and it's stupid to stuff yourself unhealthy snacks just because being in lousy mood. btw, what's making pinpin so lousy mood ? if the staff doesn't give in on her stand or behaviour, why not to look at another angle, and find why it led to this. try relaxing a bit , be positive for the greater good of the team. pinpin sometimes pulled long face too, but she was actually a kind hearted gal :). gee, i hope she is not angry for being "kepoh" not knowing what's the story behind ...

urine as fertilizer, gee, even if the plant or flower is beautiful, but no point if the the smell pukes. sigh... close tight the window with the aircon on lor. if the smell indeed unbearable, perhaps the landlady should have a talk with the neighbor, it's bad and psychology stress for her kids if not the adults too.

my friend mentioned that it's cheaper to get ipad or ipad2 in malaysia. why don't you go and find out - it's time to upgrade your laptop. with ipad2 you can get bigger screen for angry birds, perhaps better scoree too :). take care, don't waste your milk anymore. and, be careful on the recent toxic scare in fruit enrgy drink. cheers.

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