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Monday, May 30, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. There are two annoying neighbours at my rented place. One often plays mahjong at home till late nights with all the mahjong shuffling sound. The other one has a dog who always barks at passerby and may even chase the passerby down the corridor when the door is not closed. I've been the victim several times.

  2. Watched a documentary about the giant panda over the weekend. Panda is one of my favourite animals and it boosted my mood after seeing how cute it is. Then i update my status in FB as follows:

  3. This is the PMS week, and it probably explains why i can feel my mood getting grouchy and gloomy.

  4. Plan to start my GSS shopping this week, so i must get off work on time on one of the days.

  5. Was rather amused to find out that Crocs has launched its own eye wear. I can imagine how colourful it must be.

  6. Was having problems with one of my staff last week and was very annoyed by it. Hope things have gotten better after a weekend for her to simmer down. I also prayed about it today during Sunday service.

  7. The AG of Malaysia is holding a 10 days fasting & prayer event. I've never done fasting & praying before. Am contemplating to join this time, but according to the guides, the fasting was not only on food but also "things that distract you", such as computer. That is difficult, considering my work deals with computer everyday.

  8. Rushed mom on her U.S. visa application. She has not even started preparing the documents.

  9. Realised mom seems to fear me in some ways, especially she is afraid of making me upset or angry. I think one of the reasons is because she now financially depends on me totally. I did not like it this way, and must really examine myself if i have been too hard on her sometimes.

  10. My personal laptop is really driving me nuts with its slow performance. I noticed the base gets heat up and wonder if this has anything to do with the system performance.

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huh, chased by neighbor's dog? cannot imagine this indeed. pinpin will not turn to become dog hater because of this hor (hmm, you're snoopy fan, don't you)? maybe the dog (or cute poodle) actually likes you, wants to get near to you :). but, isn't letting a dog out unleashed and chase after other resident an offence? strange that even singapore is strict and complaining place, yet there is still people playing mahjong,(gambling?), till late nights somemore. last time when i stayed in jurong, i also heard mahjong shuffling noise, but it was weekend afternoon.

pinpin loves sleeping? where got? she sleeps 5-6 hours weekdays, and developed dark circles. that's not good, pandas' eyes are natural, your circles are not. why did you only associate the "bad" things only. be optimistic! pinpin is likeable person, just like panda being likeable (i see likes on the FB) :). oh, how's your cute FB pet?

it's time to change to new laptop. didn't monitor the price, but i'm sure there are good laptops with powerful specs at affordable cost. how about ipad, or ipad 2? if the laptop exhibits slowdown after power on too long and overheated, it could be hardware problem rather than software. try to consult your IT friends :).

stay optimistic. things might turn out better next week with your staff, and your mum too. don't be easily lose your temper hor. cheers.

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