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Sunday, June 19, 2011

At Changi Airport

Am in the SIA Gold lounge now, enjoying the privileged free F&B and comfy seats.

My flight to Shanghai will be departing at 5:25pm and will touch down at 10:45pm. By the time I get to the hotel, it may be past midnight already. I don't know why I booked the last flight that arrives so late. By the time I realised it, the ticket was already issued and couldn't be changed.

Didn't do my work yesterday as planned, and so I gotta do it later on board the plane.

I checked the weather forecast and it showed that it will be rainy all week at Shanghai. The temperature will be around 23C to 28C. I'm not sure if that's cold or warm, and so i brought along a jacket.

It's hard typing on my iPhone. I'm more convinced now that I ought to get an iPad2. See, I just created a need for myself to justify my desire for the gadget. ;)


a colleague of mine brought his white ipad2 and demostrated how it could be used effectively at work for viewing specs and browsing the wifi (not to say some iphone games) . totally awed by the gadget. and it was said the price is cheaper in malaysia than singapore, not sure about in china though, maybe you should get one while you are there :). then you won't get eyes pain pain when reading your favourite downloaded novels lor (somemore can save space and stop collecting dust by buying books). ah, another "need" you have here :)

don't just always work and work only, you should also take the advantage to shop around shanghai with your colleague. have fun, and all the best. cheers :)

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