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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Beware: No Malaysian flag on cars entering Singapore

The day before, at the 2nd Link checkpoint, i saw a custom officer telling the driver of a Malaysian car to remove the Malaysian flag from his car. It was the type of flag that was made of fabric and placed on the bonnet of the car. This caused a long wait for the cars queuing in that lane.

I'm not sure what was the reason given. Was it because it was dangerous to place any material on the bonnet? Or is there a law in Singapore that says flags cannot be used to "decorate" the cars (we don't see Singaporeans flashing their flags on the cars on their National Day either)? Or was it simply because it was a Malaysian flag? I wonder what would happen if the flag was painted on the bonnet and couldn't be removed on the spot...  

Anyway, whoever's driving into Singapore, do make sure you have removed the Malaysian flag before going through the custom checkpoint. It may not be an official regulation and was just because of a guai lan strict customer officer, but it would save you the trouble and help to prevent the traffic from building up at the back.

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it happends everyday. In singapore only offical cars from the country can have the countries flag. Happend to me a few years back to.

It is the law actually. Read up The Star's Tie up the flag when entering Singapore.

Ok, so it is official. I guess there are ignorant people (like myself) who didn't know about it.

Then i really wonder what will happen to the cars with painted or car stickers of flags... hmmmm...

Aiks. 5 years working here, and i still didn't know better.

Now I know. But why ah?

i also dunno bout tht

xx-kl...is amazing how one post can affect so many people...

and nice to know someone who share the same name as me... 彬彬

HAhHahHA!! OMGoSH! HAhA! made me crack up when u went.. gua lan n then canceled it.. HAhAAHhAH!!
NEways.. useful piece of information.. HAhhA! :D

Huh, i don't understand how would this post be associated with that xx-kl post?

I didn't have that in mind when writing this post.

Yes, it was not only posted in the English Newspaper but also in the Chinese Newspaper that we have to tie-up or take it down before entering Singapore. Most countries do not allow people to put up other countries flag in their country unless for some special reason such as commercial (hotel, toy shop, & etc).
Well, I didn't know about it till I read the newspaper.

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