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Thursday, October 13, 2005

A different kind of portraits

Last night, after i've posted the portraits of 贝 and myself, i was so excited that i asked him to read my blog immediately. Here's what happened:

You see, i seldom acted upon my artistic impetus. Once i actually did act on it and completed some great pieces of arts, of course i would expect some compliments. Not getting the praises i expected would mean that i would be thinking about it the whole night and still bugged him about it the next morning.

In fact, what he said was true. We don't resemble the portraits at all. I was doing both of us injustice to have drawn such ugly pictures of him and myself. So, as an apology, i've drawn nicer pictures of us that provide a more accurate depiction of how we look like in real life.

Firstly, here's a hotdog for 贝 (one of the food that he likes):

Then followed by a bottle of Coke:

I heard from smokers that a puff after each meal is a total enjoyment. Since 贝 had quit smoking and i don't allow him to smoke, here's one for him on the cyberspace:

Lastly, let's send him to China, which is the country that he has always wanted to visit:

As for me, the weather is so darn hot lately that i really wish i'm in a country that snows:

Well, if you feel like visiting some countries too, go to Abi-Station and there are plenty of choices that i'm sure you will enjoy.  

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