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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My apologies

I've registered for my Basic Driving Theory Test for 23-Nov. Hope i can pass the test with just one attempt.  

Nine3nine4's post on showing his appreciation to the people who had helped him in his life has inspired me somehow on today's post. After reading it, i thought to myself, in addition to showing gratitude, i need to apologize to some people whom i've done them wrong before, in one way or another, with or without their knowing...

My apology to my mom for talking rudely and impatiently to her sometimes. Mom, i'm sorry.

My apology to my grandma for talking rudely and impatiently to her sometimes too. Grandma, i'm sorry.

My apology to my dad for never showing how much i've loved him while he was alive. Dad, i'm sorry.

My apology to 贝 for throwing tantrums sometimes when i'm feeling grouchy. 贝, i'm sorry.

My apology to my brother for thinking that he's an unfilial selfish son who would never be able to achieve his dreams. Bro, i'm sorry.

My apology to my mom again for refusing to email my brother after not hearing from him for so long because i was angry at him. Mom, i'm terribly sorry.

My apology to my aunt for thinking that she was a nuisance to call me during office hour to ramble about her problems when she had no one else to talk to. Auntie, i'm sorry.

My apology to one of my friends for thinking that she's a hypocrite sometimes on her certain actions. My friend, i'm sorry.

My apology to all the friends whom i've not contacted for a long time for not actively keeping in touch and let the friendships slip away. My friends, i'm sorry.

My apology to my classmates for avoiding them when i saw them on the roads because of my dislike in small talks. Fellow classmates, i'm sorry.

My apology to my teachers for cheating in exams before. Teachers, i'm sorry.

My apology to my ex-boss for despising him and thinking that he was a good-for-nothing boot-licking asshole when he doesn't know about it and still talks to me as if i'm his friend. Ex-boss, i'm sorry.

My apology to another ex-boss for causing problems because of my insistence to leave the company despite my contractual obligations. Ex-boss, i'm sorry.

My apology to any female strangers for calling them "bitch" behind their backs when there were frictions. Ladies, i'm sorry.

My apology to any male strangers for saying "f*ck you" in my heart when there were clashes. Guys, i'm sorry.

My apology to the disables for using the accessible toilet once when i was rushing to watch a movie and not wanting to wait for the long queue. I've learnt that it was totally wrong of me and i won't do that again. I'm sorry.

My apology to everyone for being a person who's full of flaws, always making mistakes in life and regret it later. I sincerely wanna learn from all the wrong and do right. Dear all, i'm sorry.

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