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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lucky or unlucky?

Our biggest creditor opposed the appointment of another professional consultant to handle our debts, with the reason that it would drain our already limited funds. Hmmm, the management's decisions really baffled me sometimes. Do we really need to spend so much on these so-called "professional services"? Well, i guess i could never understand the rationale behind their decision, or else i would have been sitting at the management's floor instead of where i am now.

Both 贝 and i were late to work this morning because our car was crippled. Yep, we've got a flat tyre. 贝 has the habit of visually checking the tyres before getting into the car. This morning before we started our daily journey to work, he noticed the deflated right rear tyre.

We were not sure when and how the tyre was punctured. I suspected it happened last evening after work when i was driving to Jurong Point to pick him up. I had heard a strange sound at one instance, but since the radio was on, i couldn't be sure if there was indeed a sound or it was merely my imagination. If the tyre was indeed punctured at that moment, then we had been really lucky to have reached home safely all the way from Singapore via the 2nd link.

It was really early when we discovered the flat tyre (before 7am), and no workshop was opened yet. Our only solution was then to use the spare tyre.

Bei changing the spare tyre

The metal prick that punctured the tyre

So both of us got to office late this morning. A good thing was that we had the chance to have "hokkien mee" as breakfast in JB on a working day, which was something not quite possible for us to do normally.

After i had logged on to MSN for less than 5 minutes, Ryan sent me a message of morning greetings. Well, being the whiner that i am, of course i told him about the incident and complained about how unlucky it was for such thing to happen on a Friday morning.

Then Ryan corrected me that it was actually a lucky day. He pointed out that we could have not noticed the flat tyre and drove on. We could have only discovered the problem when we were on the highway or when we were in Singapore. We could have driven so fast on the highway with a flat tyre that consequently resulted in an accident. There could have been many more unfortunate events if we had not detected the flat tyre first thing in the morning. So, he asked me, were we lucky or unlucky?

See, this is me, a person who tends to dwell on the negatives and overlook the better side of things. The person who always think in terms of "it could have been better" instead of "it might have been worse". As much as i've become more optimistic as the years went by, the pessimist is still inside me, overclouding my mind with negative thinking sometimes.

I must remember that there are always more than one way to look at every situation, and our perspectives often steer our actions and impact our future. What happened has already happened. We can't change it but we sure can change how it's gonna progress.

Well, aren't you glad that there's lesson learnt even for a small incident such as having a flat tyre? If the lesson wasn't about positive thinking, at least it was about making sure you check the tyres everytime before you start your car.  

Yeah, I think you are lucky to spot the flat tyre before getting in the car.

Dear Jacky

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Best Regards
KC Tan

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