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Friday, October 14, 2005

Trivia of my uneventful day

  1. Saw a dead puppy on the road. 贝 and i had seen this puppy happily running around the neighbourhood yesterday and we were just saying how cute it was. Then this morning it was lying dead in a puddle of blood. Poor puppy... it was bad enough to be born as a stray dog, but an accident-stricken short-lived dog was even worse.

  2. Sneered at US' concerns over China's second manned spaceflight and their threadbare claims that China poses great security threat to the world.  

  3. Appreciated the true meaning of what people say about "your enemy's enemy is your friend". What else would have prompted the interoperability agreement between MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger if it were not for AOL and Google?

  4. Made myself a cup of coffee with the Capresso coffee maker at the management's floor. Didn't think it was as good as legend had it.

  5. Read the news about the legal case of our company's ex-supremos. Gossiped with colleagues on his possible fate and the future (or lacking thereof) of the company.

  6. Took 4 pieces of RJ-45 connectors from company for 贝 to crimped onto crossed cables.

  7. Drew cartoon portraits of myself and chose one that resembled me the most to put onto my Blogger profile.

  8. Messed around with Face Analyzer and laughed at the inaccurate analysis.

  9. Was delighted at 贝's successful attempt in linking up our laptops for sharing the 3G connection. From now on, we can access the Internet concurrently.

  10. Watched the last 2 episodes of "酒店风云" ("Jiu Dian Feng Yun", "Revolving Doors of Vengeance"). I found the big reunion happily-ever-after ending was a bit cheesy to my liking.

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i can see the cartoon portraits of yourself has 85% of real you.... so all readers... pls use ur imagination.... she is a real hot babe :P

Eh, friend, since you know me in person, next time pls put in a nickname or something so that i know who you are...

Wow. hot babe....... haha.

Guess your uneventful day turns out to be quite eventful huh.

Huh, beer brat, if seeing a dead puppy, reading some news, making coffee, doing useless stuff on the Web, and watching cheesy HK drama are what you considered "eventful", then i guess your life is probably rather uneventful as well huh! :P

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