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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Being young isn't a justification for bad behaviours

The company that handles Toyota's 24-7 hotline had finally banked in the RM200 compensation, but that was after i've called and bugged them for it several times. So, any free car servicing i get from Toyota next time would be a bonus. See, sometimes it does pay to be a pain in the ass.

Just as i was telling myself to change for the better, i'm gonna regress to being the unforgiving and intolerant person today in this post. I'll leave the self-improvement to tomorrow.

I HATE HATE HATE people justifying bad behaviours with age. Oh, for God's sake, enough with all those "oh, she's still young and immature lah" kind of balderdash. If we are talking about a kid in primary school, ok, i can give you that. If the person is a teenager, maybe i can say that she needs more time. But if the person in question is a full-grown adult who had already completed high school and old enough to drink and work legally, then i say screw you!

Everyone should know that maturity has nothing to do with age. Some people can be 30 years old and still behave juvenilely. Then why do we often absolve those awful people from their absurdity and follies with the reason of they being still young and immature? If they can't mature with their age, then isn't it their problem too? Shouldn't they be responsible, even if not for their bad behaviours, at least for their own failure to grow up?

Some people may ask the rhetoric question of "weren't you young once and had behaved immaturely too?" Well, of course i was young once. Of course i had done some childish things before, but those are mostly inconsequential trifles like crying over a lost competition or spending sleepless nights reading love novels, and not something that was hurtful or disrespect to others. If it's not for having a good sense, our education should have at least instilled some good values into us.

Ya, sure, everyone makes mistakes. Yes, everyone needs time to grow up. Yet, how could a person ever learn if everytime she does something idiotic or unspeakable, all we do were just shrug and say, "oh, after all, she's still young"? This is exactly how the parents pampered their kids nowadays and why we have so many spoilt brats running about. And are we saying that as a society, we should coddle these people further?!

If a person is an adult with a supposedly functioning thinking mind, then she gotta bear the consequences of having behaved inappropriately. There can be many excuses such as psychological problems, or mentally unsound, or personality flaws, or bad parenting, but please, NOT the "still young and immature" crap.

I may sound too unforgiving and nasty, but the reason of being young and thus giving others all kinds of shit is pardonable just doesn't sit well with me. No one in this world other than perhaps your loved ones needs to put up with your immaturity and nonsense. And if you think that the world is full of your "loved ones", then think again.

"No one in this world other than perhaps your loved ones needs to put up with your immaturity and nonsense."

How about just not reading it?

Hear, hear!

Some of these spoiled brats still get an allowance from rich Dad when they have started work -- to fly home on weekends to see BF/GF.

I have worked with one who left Friday early, came in late Monday and expected OThers to carry their baby - workload!

I just paeed the "workload" from the In basket to HER Out basket on Monday for her Monday blues.

Hye, Babe, grow Up, willya, the Workplace is not your Dad's mansion.

PS: this one got away with IT because of connections, and another Boss who never grew up to be a Man, just played other's Balls, maybe also Her ...wat do you call Dat?

Spolied BRATS!


My post may not necessarily be talking about that particular offensive post written by that particular dumbass blogger. We have real people who behave immaturely around us in the real world, and i'm just sick and tired of others using "being young" as the hackneyed excuse.

Of course, the same does apply to a certain blogger as well. ;)

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