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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Basic Driving Theory Test

I got my Malaysian driving license when i was 17 years old, which was more than a decade ago. I passed the undang and driving test with single attempt. I'm not sure how the tests are conducted now but during my time, it wasn't too difficult, especially for the undang test. All i had to do was just to attend a lecture and briefly read through the book. I remember that the instructor told us to choose the option with the longest text if we were unsure of the answer. Seriously, i can hardly recall what i had studied for that test.

Now that i wanna get my Malaysian driving license converted to Singapore driving license, i need to sit for the Basic Driving Theory Test in Singapore. And the test is happening next Wednesday (23-Nov).

I've finished reading through two sections of the Basic Driving Theory Handbook and there are three more sections to go. Two of my Malaysian colleagues had failed the test before and they told me to memorize EVERYTHING in the handbook as there will be a lot of detailed questions in the test.

After reading the section on Signs and Signals, i realized that even though i've been driving for 13 years, i have difficulties telling the exact differences between some signs and signals. I can't recall if Malaysian undang is the same but i've included some signs and signals here. See if you know what they mean.

Road Signs and Markings

(To avoid infringing the copyright of the handbook, i've drawn out these images instead of scanning them from the book)

  1. Broken white line

  2. Continuous white line

  3. Parallel continuous white line

  4. Continuous yellow line

  5. Parallel continuous yellow Line

  6. Single yellow zig-zag line

  7. Double yellow zig-zag line

Signals by Traffic Police

(Again, due to copyright issue, i don't wanna use the images in the handbook. However, it was way too difficult for me to draw out the traffic police figure. So i've asked 贝 to pose for me according to the handbook.

To make it as realistic as possible, 贝 even tried to dress up like a traffic police using whatever we could find at home...)

Yes, i would have to know ALL these to pass the test. I'll post the answers tomorrow.

Now, back to my studying.

Updated: 17-November-2005, answers to the questions.


you can get free practice questions from http://passyourdrivingtheory.blogspot.com/

no need to buy book heh.

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