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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It's back to work today. Little boss was around too. He was going back to his hometown KL this evening, which means that i wouldn't have to see him for the whole of this week. That deserves a "hooray" from me.

I need time to get over the incident of him spoiling my birthday by snapping at me for nothing. Ya, i admit that i'm not exactly the kind who forgives and forgets easily. I'll probably need another week to finally look at him and not remembering what he did to me. Perhaps the happy qi-ge-long-dong-qiang CNY mood can help me to get over that unhappy incident.

貝 had gone back to his hometown BM. He drove me in to SG last night, stayed over in SG, sent me to work and had breakfast with me this morning. He then headed home in JB to pick up the luggage and started his 8-hour drive back to BM.

When he got home, he was informed of an unfortunate news. 貝's nephew is already 5 years old and his brother had wanted to have the second child for a few years already. So when we were informed last month that his sister-in-law was finally having a baby, everyone was so happy. Then today, 貝's family was told that the baby's heartbeat had stopped and they had lost the baby. It was really unfortunate to have this happening, especially right before CNY. I felt really bad for her and the family.

Anyway, 貝 wouldn't be back until a week later. So i'll be alone again. Hmm, first i was away for two weeks. Then i was back but after just two days, 貝 is away now. I guess our time together is now getting lesser. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Well, as the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder", so I'd hope that it actually does good to our relationship.

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