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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Am staying in SG for this weekend.

My cousin is going to further study overseas soon and my aunt wants to have a family dinner together before he leaves. He is going to the Princeton University (uh huh, he's a scholar) and will be in the USA for at least 4 years.

Originally aunt had planned to have lunch on Saturday afternoon, but then all the family members from Malaysia did not want to come in to SG over weekend. So the lunch was cancelled, but we will still be having dinner tomorrow with just the few of us in SG.

Since my separation, i've been doing my best to adapt to the changes in lifestyle. One of the things that i gotta learn is how to live by myself and yet lead a fulfilled life. For all those years, i did almost everything together with 贝. Now, i gotta do everything alone. Sometimes loneliness can really get to me.

Hence i'll have to plan some activities for myself over the weekend. I wouldn't wanna stay in this rented room the entire day, listening to the noises made by the kids.

So i've booked a cinema ticket for myself and am going to watch a movie alone. I haven't done this for a very long time already. I remember that i watched a lot of movies by myself after the break-up with my first boy friend. I guess it's back to those days again.

Hope it will be a good weekend for me.

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