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Cogito ergo scribo

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For the record, i'm a person who likes quietness and tranquility. I cannot work, study, sleep or do anything in noisy environment.

So, it's no surprise that the two little girls are really driving me crazy sometimes. In fact, sometimes the landlady does so too.

The elder girl is very talkative and always comes into my room to see what i am doing and to talk to me. Even when i closed the door, she would just come in, sometimes even without knocking.

Then whenever she comes into my room, the little one will follow too. Then the two of them will just talk talk talk talk talk, and i do not know how to tell them that i'd wanna be alone and not to be disturbed.

And there's also the landlady. She would often scold her children or the maid very loudly. I came to realise why the elder girl would speak in loud and high-pitched voice all the time. You know, kids follow what the adults do.

It has been so long since i last rented a room and stayed with the owner of the house, but i've never really stayed in a house with kids before. I guess i'd just have to get use to the noises and learn how to appreciate the sound of children.


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