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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend activity

Am looking forward to an activity tomorrow... oops, it's already passed 12am. So i guess i should say "later today afternoon" instead.

I am going to attend the "30-Hour Famine" camp at the Southern College tomorrow!

The event will start at 12pm and lasts till Sunday 6pm. We need to arrive there early in the morning though. Sui will pick me up at around 10.30am. Hmm, i think i should make sure i feed myself fully in the morning before i go.

I intend to leave earlier on Sunday though, because i gotta return to SG and can't be too late. So it won't be full 30 hours for me. Probably just 27-hour famine for me only.

This is gonna be quite an experience i believe!

[I think they did not achieve the targeted number of participants. Walk-in participants are accepted tomorrow at $20 per person.]


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