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Monday, August 10, 2009


Was back in SG since 1pm.

Paid a visit to grandma first and then returned to my rented place. After spending almost three weeks in the US staying in hotel room, and a week in JB home, getting back here kinda made me feel very sianz.

I am having a terrible headache now. Maybe i'm too exhausted already, or perhaps it's the hot weather, or probably it's because of the noise.

The landlady is at home today since it's a public holiday in SG. Her two little girls are also at home. The eldest daughter is a loud girl who likes to talk with very high-pitched voice. Then the landlady is teaching her homework, but it seems like the little girl isn't particular interested in reviewing her work and made her mother very angry. So the house is full of the noise of mother scolding her daughter, and her daughter talking at the top of her voice.

This was exactly what i dreaded when i rented a place with kids. They annoy me sometimes with all the noises. Then when my aunt recommended this place to me (the landlady is her friend from church), i highlighted this concern but she told me that the two little girls are quite obedient. Well, they aren't really naughty, but kids being kids, they can be very noisy when the adult isn't controlling them.

But then, the location is good, as it's just opposite a MRT station. Plus they have a maid who also cleans my room, and it's a furnished aircon room with reasonable rental. Staying with someone we know is also safer than staying with complete strangers.

Sigh, so i guess it's just trade-off that i gotta put up with.


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