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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have been feeling unwell since last night.

The headache last night got so serious that i felt nauseous and almost threw out. So i went to bed early at 10pm, but woke up by myself at around 3.30am still feeling extreme headache. Thought of taking Panadol but only to realise that i do not have any medicines with me and i do not know where the landlady puts all her medicines. So i went back to bed feeling sick.

Woke up at around 6.30am to get myself ready for work. I contemplated in taking medical leave, but then decided that i have been away from office for a long time already and i should really get back to work.

So here i am in the office, still feeling unwell. The headache has somewhat subsided, but now am feeling not well with my throat. Seems like i'm gonna come down with a flu or something.

Fear not, one week has passed since my last travel on the flight. If i really get a flu, it should not be H1N1, unless all the health organisations have been wrong all the while, i.e. the incubation period for the virus can actually be more than 7 days.


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