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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Down mood

Feeling miserable today.

I left the company laptop in the office because i was too weak to carry the heavy bag.

So i am using my personal laptop now, but then there are lots of stuff on the desktop that dampened my mood -- my ROM pictures and videos, the pictures of YY and his mistress that i uncovered, the photos of our vacation to Bangkok... All of which i couldn't help but opened up and took a look, which made me feel very down now.

It's either i work harder at self-control, or i really ought to clean up my laptop.

Time to bed. Hope i don't get any more bad dreams tonight.


"pak" "pak" (slap! slap!)
wake up! 振作!

Thanks, my friend. I know i deserve a good slap...

Would you want to consider asking someone to keep them away from you and when you want to take them back, you got to pay her S$1000?

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