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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Called in sick today and am now at my rented room. Am having bad menstrual cramp since last night.

I am running out of annual leave for this year. I think i'm only left with about 4 days or so (and we are only entitled to 14 days of annual leave). Due to the ordeal in my marriage, i've taken a lot of annual leave and even unpaid leave at the early half of the year. I've also made a lot of medical claims, which will be reaching the annual limit of SGD500 (i think) soon.

I gotta save up my annual leave for some other use, so i went to see a doctor just now and told him that i had terrible headache that made me nauseous. I thought this would be easier for me to get a MC than saying that i'm having menstrual cramp. Well, i'm not really telling lies in the sense that i was indeed having bad headache two days ago.

Anyway, i did get an MC and some medicines for headache. That cost me SGD33, which again i'd claim from the company.

I should really take a good rest at home today.


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