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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mom's birthday

It's mom's birthday today, but unfortunately i'm in SG and can't celebrate it with her. I felt really bad for not being by her side on her birthday, because this year is supposed to be special -- she turns 60 years old today (but she doesn't look 60 at all!). Anyway, she went to Melaka with her friends, so at least she didn't spend it alone.

Last year, i've actually planned to make it very special for her birthday this year. Yet, instead, i've made it a very sad year for her due to my broken marriage. In that sense, i feel that i've been the worst daughter anyone could have.

And now, due to my volunteering class, i can't go back to celebrate it with her. I've wanted to pay for an overseas tour for her, but then she has no companion to go with her. In the end, i gave her SGD500 as her present.

Hopefully i can make it up to her next year.


You make me feel soooo bad... yes, I do feel like I have disappointed my parents by presenting a "fail" subject to them... -LF

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