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Friday, October 09, 2009


Seriously, i think i'm crazy.

I have a weighing scale in my rented room, and i weigh myself every single day.

I think i am somewhat obsessed with my weight.

Well, losing weight had been my failed new year's resolution for many years and i've finally achieved it this year, albeit with a price so great that i'd rather stay happy and chubby than being in my current state. Nevertheless, since i'm already there, i'm determined to maintain it.

Yet, i guess a bit too determined that i'm not doing it the right way. Instead of exercising, i'm not eating well instead. I guess this does have effect on my mental well-being, for not eating well = low energy = depressed mood.

Anyway, i've decided to make myself happy tomorrow by dolling up (since it's dress down day tomorrow). You know, since i'm slim now, it would be a waste not to show it off. When we look good, the mood will be lifted too for sure.

Uh huh, that's vanity for you.


Ya, if you have a working environment to give u chance to doll up,then make yourself look pretty everyday.
Sigh~~~ I got so many high heel, but I only wear one, becuase my office is carpeted, shoes to be leaved outside. So just wear the one easier to wear & take off lah!

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