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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Those who know me should know these two facts about me:

  1. I lurrvvveee strawberries

  2. I am an advocate (but not fanatic) of environmental protection

So let's say if we combine the two, what would you get?

Well, you get this little strawberry that i carry with me wherever i go.

Wait, before you even say, "yeeee, so hideous", please know that it serves a purpose.

It is not a useless adornment that is just hung on the bag.

It is actually a shopping bag that will come in handy whenever i buy something and need a bag to carry the stuff.

In this way, we reduce the use of plastic bags.

So it's strawberry and environmental protection into one. I like it!

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Good idea. I also try to carry my bag with me always.But sometimes will forget lah! especially during lunch hour, when I just bring some cash with me.
Lots of countries had practised "say no to a plastic bag", but in M'sia, when u told the cashier that, they'll look at u with doubt. sigh~~~

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