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Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally done

Attended the second and last session of the baptism class today. My doubts about whether or not i should proceed with the baptism was actually answered in the class today. And my decision is -- yes, i will be baptised in January next year.

Anyway, it seems like this is the weekend when things got wrapped-up. The task assigned to me at work, the volunteer training and the baptism class, all had come to an end.

I had been busy with all these over the past few weeks, and it is finally time to move on to other stuff. Somehow, i felt a bit of relief, and that kinda made me very tired. I guess i've been pushing myself too hard, squeezing out the very last bit of energy that i had to sustain myself to go on. Now i can totally feel the energy drained.

Yet, my busy schedule is not done yet. The following weeks will be even more hectic.

I guess i'd better get some good rest while i still can.


Happy to learn that you have completed two very meaningful and beautiful things!

Jia You! from ym

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