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Saturday, November 14, 2009


This is crazy, i tell you... sigh.

Didn't go in to office again today, as i simply couldn't wake up because of working till late night yesterday (or should i say this morning?!). I woke up in shock at around 9.30am, and then the first thing was to turn on my laptop and checked email. I wrote to big boss and requested to work from home and he consented.

Then i started working from then on, until just now, almost non-stop except taking meals and go to the washroom. I didn't even log on to Facebook until just now!

Well, the good news is that i'm finally done with that shitty work of restructuring the American document and sent it off to that UK lady for final touch.

I'm just off the line with that UK lady actually. The ironic thing is that after we were done with our discussion and before i put down the phone, she said to me, "i hope you aren't crossed with me over this issue."

Well, naturally i'd have to reply, "no, of course not. Work is work." Then i proceed to say to her, "and i hope you aren't with me". And again, naturally, she replied "no no no, not at all" as well.

I think both of us know that we are both lying. It was obvious that she was mad from the email that she wrote to my big boss (who forwarded to me), and i was also very pissed.

But then, there is indeed truth in what i said to her, i.e. "work is work". I mean, i was pissed at that time, but it's work and nothing personal really. Now that this is done, we can be back to friendly term again. Well, you see, this is the angmo way of working -- if you are unhappy, say it. And once it's over, forget about it.

Anyway, am so so so so so glad that i can get that shit out of the way for the weekend. It's gonna be a tiring weekend for me again, as i'm going to have the final volunteer class tomorrow, and then return to JB by bus because i gotta attend the final baptism class on Sunday.

Hey, so it seems that it is a weekend for "finals" -- two final classes and me "finally" completed the work!


Congratulations! And celebration! 1 Corinthians 10:13 God is faithful, He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear! See, it's done now!
...hey, your baptism class is so short? Only 2 lessons?

Yes, the Chinese one my mom atteded was spread over a month or more, as each class was only an hour. But for English session, every class lasted 3 hours and hence it was only 2 lessons.

There are pros and cons -- it was rather tiring to have a 3-hour session (information overload), but then it can be completed within just two weeks!

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