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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back home in JB

I'm back in JB at around 5pm today.

It has been a super hectic week for me last week. I didn't have time to blog or even check my FB.

LF came to stay with me at the hotel in KL last week, as she was having a project in KL too. Then again, we drove to Melaka last night and then returned to JB today while stopping over at Tangkak for durian. We didn't do much in Melaka this time because we left KL rather late last evening. We only had a late dinner at Jonker Walk last night and Nyonya cuisine for lunch today.

There were roadblocks at various places in KL last week. When we left KL at around 7pm yesterday, we saw a roadblock at the Sungei Besi toll on the direction towards KL. The police blocked off two lanes out of the three, and was stopping every car and flashing the torchlight at each car that drove by. The traffic came to a complete standstill and jammed up all the way from the toll to the exit of UPM (and the congestion was still building up as we passed by).

As we drove by on the other lane, LF and i really felt for those people in the traffic jam. Imagine that you were one of them - after a long day of work, it was Friday evening and you were eager to get home for dinner and a good rest. Yet, you were going no where because your car was stuck in an unnecessary jam for nothing. Our bet was that it would take at least 3 hours to clear up the traffic.

Then today, there were roadblocks at Melaka, Tangkak and JB too. The police would block off the lanes and only allow one lane for passing through. What we found puzzling was that they weren't looking into the cars at all and it was as if they were just making the cars to stop for no purpose at all. It was as if they were intentionally creating inconvenience to frustrate the people, just so that the people would start blaming those who called for the rally.

And indeed, just now i saw a message of a friend on FB saying that he was stuck in a jam for hours because of "stupid Bersih". It is really sad that the government's tactic actually worked on these ignorant people.

However, as we may be feeling disappointed at the country and the ignorant Malaysians, do not forget those brave people who attended and supported the rallies in KL and all around the world. As i read the online news and watched the videos posted on FB, i was touched to tears. Yes, more and more people have awakened, and this is the first step, if not the most important of all.

For once, i finally saw a glim of hope for our country.


i thought you were taking plane back, and missed the flight due to the jam. glad you back to your home safe and sound. er ... that's your friend? quickly go un-friend him. how come he be so blunt to rant it aloud? doesn't he know that most internet users are not apathy as him, though not many concur with bersih's action but it is the police and internal security that put up road blocks and create the jam. it just shows how inept of the police that never place public civilians at first place. why the road blocks when the rally can be just treated like other marathon, runs, concert, soccer match, etc etc events.

sometimes the malaysia government is so difficult to be understood. they put up ads condemning the rally saying how it ruined peaceful life and daily businesses (with news from greece, egypt, sudan as frontline). they even said and argued if want to protest, go do it in stadium instead of on the street. but when the organizers really heeded and planned to make it at stadium merdeka, the government changed mind and still banned them. this is so ironic. they could have painted the bersih bad for political inclined protest, but with the stadium ban, and the deliberate unnecessary blocks and road closures only sums up their stupidity of the action. worse, i read there's reported of death somemore due to the tear gas canister shot.

from facebook, i read some of my friends joined the march. some even came back from SG for the purpose. makes me quite of shame for being coward and selfish not joining them :(. hopefully the actions put forth by the brave souls awaken more to know who to choose in the next coming poll. The good and righteous will prevail. you too should stay strong what you justify is right!


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